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09:32pm 05/12/2008
Girl, You So Crazy!
hmm so i'm a little drunk cause i decided to make dinner (casserole!) and drink wine. needless to say the dinner took longer than i expected and so i drank a little more wine than i expected on an empty stomach.

i'm also sitting in the dark with candles and my amazing 7 foot christmas tree (courtesy of that boy, with whom things are going very well finally) and listening to christmas music, and i really couldn't be happier.

i don't know why i'm LJing this. i guess i just want to remember this feeling.
mood: gratefulgrateful
music: silver bells by dean martin, haha
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12:38am 29/06/2008
Girl, You So Crazy!
so i just moved in to an amazing apartment in los feliz (right outside hollywood, fyi).

we have six awesome guy neighbors; tonight was one of their birthday parties. apparently we missed the beer pong marathon (a shame!) but we did accompany them to a hipster bar.

how do i know it's a hipster bar? they had a smiths album in the jukebox. the smiths!

yay life.
mood: drunkdrunk
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01:26am 16/04/2008
Girl, You So Crazy!
so one of my best friends in high school, my first boyfriend, and my first kiss, is probably going to be removed from life support soon. i love you, matthew. i hope you know that. i hope you know now how many people love you, and always will.

moral of the story: tell your friends you love them as often as you can, and don't do drugs, kids. please.
music: 311's beautiful disaster
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you do something to me that i can't explain  
12:49am 28/03/2008
Girl, You So Crazy!
and i think i'm going to go to USC. i've got to suck it up and get over my fear of getting mugged or being terribly miserable and lonely without any friends at all for the rest of my life should i choose to go there. but at least i could have an awesome job out of college. the opportunites are worth it. and i could intern at capitol records!

haha, i wrote this almost exactly four years ago. what a crazy ride it's been.
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12:22am 23/10/2007
Girl, You So Crazy!
so i'm 100% staying in LA after graduation.

mostly because i really want to work somewhere cool.
partly because there are way too many things i haven't done yet in this part of the country.
partly because there are way too many restaurants i haven't tried in the city!
a large part because most all of my friends will be here too.

and also because as much as i hate to admit it i've kind of grown to love it here.

now if i could find a decent barbeque restaurant...
mood: relievedrelieved
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01:05am 12/10/2007
Girl, You So Crazy!
sometimes i take for granted that i am living my dream, and other times, i'm completely overwhelmed that i'm actually here, in this place in my life, where i'm living in los angeles, working in radio or at a record label, and i go to class and learn about music law and create radio commercials for a grade. i'm just so damn passionate about what i'm doing, and i realize how rare that is in this world. it's especially apparent to me lately, as i prepare to graduate in exactly seven months, that i am supposed to be here, that i'm doing the right thing. somehow it all ended up exactly as i wanted, eight years ago, when i first imagined this. amazing.
music: silverchair "straight lines"
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07:07pm 07/06/2007
Girl, You So Crazy!
i am so damned awkward today.

AUGH. in other news, took an amazing impromptu trip to memphis for lunch yesterday. left at noon, was home by 7! and i had my first fried bologna sandwich.
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06:24pm 16/05/2007
Girl, You So Crazy!
i kind of feel like redoing my life. it's weird.

summer goals:
+ get a JOB. or two. one that pays and one that gets me school credit.
+ get organized.
+ lose 20 lbs. ha! i'm serious though. i want to be hott.
+ write my awesome short story.
+ stay in touch with friends. so far so good, now that we have wireless and i have text messaging now.
+ drink more water.
+ play my guitar more.
+ read life-changing literature.
+ figure out...things. yes, i'm being intentionally vague.

augh, little rock is SO boring... i actually miss los angeles! however, i did go to wal-mart today, and it was amazing.

edit: so i'm definitely writing my short story in one of my old lisa frank notebooks from elementary school.
mood: contemplativecontemplative
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06:14pm 29/04/2007
Girl, You So Crazy!
should be a city, so i can live there forever.

it was SO amazing. i wish i could have gone all three days though. next year!

i randomly saw two of the three friends i was hoping to see, so that was cool. though i'm kind of worried about the third, cause i haven't heard from him since i dropped him at the bus station friday to take a greyhound and then walk four miles to coachella...

annnnd i saw the red hot chili peppers, which was kind of surreal. frusciante and flea are gods. anthony kedis was a little lacking in energy, however.

and arcade fire was so epic... and DJ tiesto? amazing. i danced for an hour and a half straight.

also saw, and all were incredible: the decemberists, travis, peter, bjorn & john, hot chip, new pornographers (more heard than saw though). oh man.

and the art fixtures! and the people watching! and the amazing recycling program, where if you brought 10 empty bottles from the field you got a free one... we ended up with 90 bottles after the chili peppers, so we got three bottles each. anyway, the polo field was so clean! brilliant plan. and my amazing t-shirt... oh my. i'm in love.

and the desert night? perfect. especially with the eight spot lights that formed a "tent" over the field, and the backlight palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze.

downsides: we left late, so i missed fountains of wayne and the fratellis. also, traffic was hell! if it weren't for lily's peanut butter sandwiches, i would have gone crazy. got home at 4 am, haha.

*le sigh*
mood: rejuvenatedrejuvenated
music: decemberists
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09:15pm 26/04/2007
Girl, You So Crazy!
just cause i haven't posted in a while.

so i work at "the best computer lab on campus", and i pretty much live here now, having spent 16 out of the last 36 hours here. wow. currently i'm sitting on the floor against a post, waiting for one of my coworkers to return and keep me company. home away from home away from home, haha.

and i really want a burrito.

surprisingly, i have lots of things to talk about, but i feel this is not the forum for talking of them anymore. oh well.

in other news, i'm going to coachella on saturday! yessss. best $140 i've spent this year, i'm thinking.
location: language center
mood: listlesslistless
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